The Grateful Threads!


This wonderful group of quilters started with a  story:  Short version:  My mother, MaryLou, was ill.  I took care of her during her illness and chemo, radiation sessions.  As we were always at Apple Hill Medical Center, we would walk the halls and admire the quilts hanging on the walls.  As I would encourage her to fight her cancer, she would encourage me to make my own quilts.  I have never quilted before but was determined to try.  I bought a machine and scoured the internet for instructions and how-to’s, then I put it all to use.  Voila!  I made a quilt.  Unfortunately my Mom, was not fortunate enough to battle her disease and she passed away in April of 2007. 

I filled that empty space of her passing with more and more quilting.  Then I decided to give my quilts to charity.  I found Quilts for Kids Organization and was very excited to help out.  At that time, I had no one to quilt-talk to and the organization was where I knew I needed to be.  I did a fundraiser for the Lancaster Chapter and invited some friends.  We did very well for Lancaster.  

I then gathered (arm-twisting) some friends and asked if they wanted to help with this charity.   The response was wonderful!  My friends asked their friends and we started our own York County Chapter.  We had an article in the newspaper, put a post in Craigslist for volunteers and set up a monthly meeting place at the library in Shrewsbury.  We are now over one year old and over 20 strong.  We have beginners to advanced quilters. 

I love this group of women!  I feel very fortunate to be apart of this group.  Thank you to all our great volunteers!

We all have such a great time at our meetings (workshops) and we are getting new volunteers all the time.  Come join us and we will do some quilt-talk or just chit chat about life, share ideas and inspirations. 


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