The Calm Before Christmas

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to update you about a few things concerning QFK’s.

*We will NOT have a December workshop due to it being Christmastime.

**We did very well at the last two craft shows.  I want to thank everyone who participated.  It was a great success because of all the effort and time the ladies put into it.

***I received an email from a customer who bought MaryAnn’s cosmetic bags. She loved them SO much she would like to buy more.  That is wonderful!!!!   MaryAnn does such great work.  Thanks MaryAnn

**** I visited one of our customers that bought lots of doggie stuff from our craft fair in york, she and I talked and came up with some things that we can make for her shop to help our fundraising effort.  Please visit her at Puppy Tails Boutique and Spa in the Olde Tollgate Village on  South Queen Street and tell her you are a volunteer at Quilts for Kids!  The next time we get together (in January) I will have the items that she would like made for her store from us.  She even has material to donate to us.  Please stop in and see her!

*****I am sure that everyone knows by now that we were able to purchase a quilt frame from our Spring Grove Division, Kim Hare.  We still don’t have it up and running yet, but I am hoping that this winter will be a good time for us to work on it.

******Cindy Malloy stopped in and graciously (as usual) donated more material and batting to us.  God Bless You Cindy!

*******Even though my hours, days and weeks have been full of activity with my family, I want to take this time to thank everyone for the work that you have done.  The quilts are beautiful, the friendships are amazing, and the way we all get along and share is fantastic.  I feel very blessed to be a part of this organization and it is always because of each and every one of you.  Thank you so very much for keeping our chapter running so smoothly.

My home is always open to come and browse fabric, work on quilts, or just any other crafts you want to do.  Just let me know so that I can “clean” before you come, (HA! I crack myself up sometimes).

I hope all of you have a Wonderful December and Merry Christmas to you all!

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I apologize for my lack of duties to everyone.  I have had some issues at home that have kept me from attending our workshops.  Please forgive me.  Also I have not gotten any kits cut as of late.  I am not going to promise that I will have anything ready for our next meeting, but I will definitely bring batting, backing and material to cut!  Thanks to MaryAnn for lugging all the things necessary to our last workshop.

I received a few emails from Consumer Protection stating that some Janome machines were being recalled.  I would like to know if anyone has one of these and I will get all information to you.

When I was at work one evening, I had a customer that runs the H.O.P.E. program in New Freedom.  She helps families of cancer patients.  I asked her if she worked with children and would she be willing to take our quilts to Hershey.  She told me that she is in close contact with the children there and would help us out.  At least she knows the children and knows which quilt would go well with which child.  I am hopeful that we can work together to make things better for both of our organizations.

I just got back from Florida tending to my Father and his wife.  They are not well, but hanging in there.  I have lots to do to catch up here at home.  After I feel that things have calmed down, I am hoping that we could all get together at my  house and have a cutting party.  We have material that needs to be used and integrated into our quilts.

Speaking of fabric, Cindy Malloy’s sister, Tammy, emailed me and asked me if we needed more fabric.   When her Mother passed away, Tammy, took some fabric home hoping to quilt although time constraints stopped her from doing it, she is now willing to pass it on to us to make use of it for our organization.  I am hoping to see her this coming week and pick up fabric.

Unfortunately, when I was out of town, my emails were hacked into and hijacked.  I recovered one of them but for your information, I would like to give you my new address.  I will send this out to you through that email.  Please take note of it.  And I am sorry for any inconvenience that the hackers have done to everyone.

I know that there is so much more that I need to let you know, but at this moment I just wanted you to know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth and that I will be at our next meeting this month.  If you can come to the next meeting please let me know so that I can make sure I have plenty of materials to go around.

I really miss being with you all.   I need some fun and laughter and I always get it at our workshops!  Have a great day and I will see you hopefully in a couple of weeks.




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Spring News

First order of business:

MANY THANKS to Agnes Blevins and her daughter, Heather, for delivering 72 of our quilts and the hand cast satchels that Mary made to Hersheys Children Medical Center!  The quilts were received by the children there and were greatly appreciated.  Carol Fees,  the Child Life Coordinator, was very happy with our delivery and sent us a nice note of appreciation.

MaryAnn Gallagher also delivered 14 of our quilts to the Salvation Army for the children who have need of them.  She is an officer at Salvation Army and tells me that  they need clothing for the children.  If anyone has anything that could be put to good use by someone in need, please contact MaryAnn.

Cindy Malloy has emailed me and offered us more fabric.  I hope to get together with Cindy very soon.  I have asked her to stop by with Taylor, her daughter, at one of our workshops, so that we can meet this sweet baby.  She sends pictures every month of Taylor, and I can’t wait to see her in person.  I know that Cindy is busy being a new Mom and a Step-Mom to her other two children,  but wouldn’t it be great to see her again!  I know she would love all the quilts that we are donating to the children at Hershey! 

Speaking of babies, Linda Zuzik, is one proud Grandmom!  Her son and daughter in law delivered a 8lb. 9oz baby girl and her name is Faith Lee.  Congratulations to her and her family!  I am sure she will be bringing pictures of her granddaughter to our next workshop.

I have been taking lots of our scraps and cutting them into pieces; squares, rectangles, strips, etc. to bring to our next workshop.  I figured that we could do scrappy quilts with them.  Linda Zuzik also has fabric cut to bring along so that we can interchange the fabrics.  I will be doing more cutting of the fabric that I have here.  I haven’t cut any kits; just pieces so far.  I figure that we could all pull what we want and make our own scrappy quilts.  If you have a need for a certain size or shape, please let me know and I will see that you get it.

Now that spring is here we are all busy with yard work and spring cleaning!  If you are not coming to the workshop, could you shoot me an email?  I have alot of things that I bring with me and if we don’t have a full house, I can cut back on a few items.  Also, Thanks to everyone who helps me pack up at the end of the day.  I am not sure if I leave with more than I come with or not!!!!

Since we made a delivery in April, I am assuming that we can do another sometime in July/August.  I know that we have some ideas rolling around about donating to our local shelters, etc.  I just haven’t gotten a handle yet on where we want to start.  Something to talk about and finalize on May 21st?

I think that is it for right now.  I hope to see all of you at our next workshop.

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Calico Corners Makes a Dream Come True! / News / Quilts For Kids

Calico Corners Makes a Dream Come True! / News / Quilts For Kids.

Check out the Quilts for Kids Website. Their cutting room is really cool and don’t drool all over the bolts of fabric like I just did!

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Spring Grove Division is Up and Running

Tricia and I had the opportunity to go to the very first Spring Grove Division of York County Quilts for Kids meeting tonight.  Kim Hare and her daughters did a fabulous job of getting things rolling!   Kim did a Mug Rug with her new volunteers and I must say they turned out beautiful.  I truly believe that everyone had a great time.  I know that Tricia and I did! 

Kim will be meeting with her group every two weeks on Wednesday nights starting at 6:00 at the Windy Hill Senior Center.  The room that they have is huge.  I can just see it being filled with lots and lots of quilters and fabric zooming through their machines. 

Kim has contacted the Foster Care for York County and will want to have her quilts delivered to the children who are unfortunately taken from their homes through no fault of their own.   I feel that this is a great idea and something that we can all work toward in the coming months.

I believe that this group of ladies will have such a good time sewing, quilting, chatting, and bonding.  I would like to thank Kim for inviting us there for her first workshop.  Everyone was so friendly!  I will be back with more kits for her on March 16th.

Remember if anyone has any questions, we are just a phone call or email away……

It was great meeting everyone tonight and Thank You for joining the York County Quilts for Kids Spring Grove Division!!!!!

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New addition to our York Chapter

We have a new division to our York Chapter!!!!

Kim Hare found out about our group of Quilts for Kids during our fabric yard sale.  She had all intentions of joining us at our monthly workshops, but because of time constraints with her work and personal life, it just couldn’t happen as planned.  She kept in touch with me and came up with a great idea!  She asked if she could start an annex to our group in Spring Grove.  After speaking with Linda Ayre, founder of Quilts for Kids, we decided to give it a try. 

On Wednesday, March 2nd, Kim will have her very first monthly workshop!  I am very excited for her to get this up and going.  Kim has a handful of volunteers already to start quilting for our York County Quilts for Kids.  I will try my best to attend her first meeting and help her along with any questions or directions.  I would encourage anyone else who has the time to go along with me.  It will be fun to meet all our new volunteers.  Remember when we were just a handful of volunteers????  Kim’s meeting will start at 6:00 in Spring Grove.  I will get directions from her soon.  Also, if any of you have fabric from our stash that just isn’t working out for you, I would appreciate it if you bring it to our meeting this coming Saturday.  I would like to make a few kits up for Kim to get her started. 

Let us welcome Kim and her Spring Grove Division of York County Quilts for Kids (wow, what a mouthful)  and help her make this fun and rewarding for all involved!

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Februarys’ Workshop

Hi All,

Hope you all are ready for our next workshop!  I started on the strip quilt that we all took home from last month and I am almost done with the quilting.   I had fun putting mine together.  I can’t wait to see what all of you did with yours.  I am hoping to have more fabric cut for another strip quilt out of the girls material.  This is the material that we normally otherwise wouldn’t be using.  I think that we can put it to good use this way. 

This month at the workshop we will have a guest speaker/representative from AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters.  Agnes saw her do a demonstration in Hanover and was very impressed with the outcome.  She has asked her to show up during our workshop this month!  I have seen the accuquilt cutters at the quilt shows but have never tried one, so this will be fun to do.  Agnes did buy one from this lady and she loves it!  I hope everyone can come to see this demonstration. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Lancaster Quilt Show in March and also that we moved the date for our March workshop to the 26th.

If anyone needs me to bring anything to the workshop please shoot me an email. 


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Lancaster Quilt Show

I know it is a bit early, but I wanted to let everyone know that we will not be having our regular workshop on March 19th.  Why?  It is the Lancaster Quilt Show and once again I hope we all get to go.  Fortunately, I was able to reschedule the Heritage Room at the library for our workshop on March 26th.  Thanks to Demi for working with us on all the changes we request.

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Welcome to a New Year of Quilts for Kids

Good Morning to all!

I am hoping your holidays were filled with fun, family and good food.

I hope to see everyone this Saturday at the workshop.  I will be bringing the usual contraband; so if you can think of something else we will need, please call me or email me.

Remember, if it snows we will not have the workshop due to some of our volunteers (me included) do not live locally.  Also the library does close in inclement weather.  Make sure to check with the library or me if you are not sure.

I am ready to get back into the quilting business!  It has been too long since we all were together.

See ya on Saturday

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December has Arrived!

Hi Everyone! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. 

November seemed to be such a busy month for all of us.  As usual, everyone worked extremely hard and made November a huge success. 

To begin with I want to thank our wonderful quilter, Sandy, for coming in on the 13th of November to give all of us a lesson on freemotion quilting.  Sandy did a fantastic job going through all aspects of freemotion quilting and answering our questions.  I know that most of us went home and worked on our own freemotion because of her.  Thanks so much Sandy for your time and effort.  We all appreciate it.

So much work went into the fabric yard sale and also into the Christmas at Loganville craft fair.  Our group did an awesome job of getting together and doing some very artistic projects.  The sales on these were wonderful.  We have been able to send over $200.00 to Headquarters.  I will get a full accounting of our balance from Headquarters shortly.   Again, I want to thank MaryAnn Gallagher for letting us use her house for the yard sale and Sue Markel for taking complete charge of the Craft Fair.  

After the fabric yard sale; MaryAnn, Donna Witmyer, and Linda Winters went shopping in Lancaster and brought back some very nice fabric that I will start to bring to our workshops, a little at a time.  I still want to use up the fabric that we have in my sewing room before we go out to buy any new additional fabric.  The same goes for our batting.  I can put an order in through Headquarters for the warm and comfort batting but I would like to use up the polyester batting first.  Unless you know of someone that would like to purchase a bolt of batting from us, we are pretty much stuck using it. 

At this time, we have been getting  fabric to our quilters to use and make their quilts for Hersheys Children’s Medical Center.  Remember, that the Medical Center will not take any quilts under 36″ square.  If you happen to have any of the smaller ones, we could donate them to York Hospital or any other Childrens Center.  If you have any fabric from our stash that you do not plan on using, please return it to me so that I can offer it to someone else.

We have been a Quilts for Kids Chapter ( a.k.a. The Grateful Threads) for over a year now and I am amazed and awed by how far we have come.  It is truly a blessing to have each and every one of you taking part in something I started last October with just a a few friends inspired by my Mothers illness and then her passing.  My story is not unique by any means; all of you have had your own heartache when a family member or friend have been touched with cancer or another life threatening disease.  It is why we do what we do AND that we do it with our hearts and soul.  Thank You for helping me realize my aspirations.   I could not have gotten this far without all of you working towards this great goal.   And we sure have come a long way from October ’09! 

Our next workshop is scheduled for January 15th, 2011.  

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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