December has Arrived!

Hi Everyone! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. 

November seemed to be such a busy month for all of us.  As usual, everyone worked extremely hard and made November a huge success. 

To begin with I want to thank our wonderful quilter, Sandy, for coming in on the 13th of November to give all of us a lesson on freemotion quilting.  Sandy did a fantastic job going through all aspects of freemotion quilting and answering our questions.  I know that most of us went home and worked on our own freemotion because of her.  Thanks so much Sandy for your time and effort.  We all appreciate it.

So much work went into the fabric yard sale and also into the Christmas at Loganville craft fair.  Our group did an awesome job of getting together and doing some very artistic projects.  The sales on these were wonderful.  We have been able to send over $200.00 to Headquarters.  I will get a full accounting of our balance from Headquarters shortly.   Again, I want to thank MaryAnn Gallagher for letting us use her house for the yard sale and Sue Markel for taking complete charge of the Craft Fair.  

After the fabric yard sale; MaryAnn, Donna Witmyer, and Linda Winters went shopping in Lancaster and brought back some very nice fabric that I will start to bring to our workshops, a little at a time.  I still want to use up the fabric that we have in my sewing room before we go out to buy any new additional fabric.  The same goes for our batting.  I can put an order in through Headquarters for the warm and comfort batting but I would like to use up the polyester batting first.  Unless you know of someone that would like to purchase a bolt of batting from us, we are pretty much stuck using it. 

At this time, we have been getting  fabric to our quilters to use and make their quilts for Hersheys Children’s Medical Center.  Remember, that the Medical Center will not take any quilts under 36″ square.  If you happen to have any of the smaller ones, we could donate them to York Hospital or any other Childrens Center.  If you have any fabric from our stash that you do not plan on using, please return it to me so that I can offer it to someone else.

We have been a Quilts for Kids Chapter ( a.k.a. The Grateful Threads) for over a year now and I am amazed and awed by how far we have come.  It is truly a blessing to have each and every one of you taking part in something I started last October with just a a few friends inspired by my Mothers illness and then her passing.  My story is not unique by any means; all of you have had your own heartache when a family member or friend have been touched with cancer or another life threatening disease.  It is why we do what we do AND that we do it with our hearts and soul.  Thank You for helping me realize my aspirations.   I could not have gotten this far without all of you working towards this great goal.   And we sure have come a long way from October ’09! 

Our next workshop is scheduled for January 15th, 2011.  

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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