June Update

Lots of Information

I am sorry that this has taken so long……this is the second time that I have done this, but lost the first one (grrr).

The first order of business is that we have changed our name to The Grateful Thread Quilters.  Thank you to my friend Sharon for such an original idea.

Tricia and I Finally delivered all of your wonderful quilts to the Hersheys Childrens Medical Center a week ago.  Carol Fees, my contact, was very appreciative of all you have done.  She did have some suggestions for us concerning the sizes of the quilts though.  The hospital has a number of older children and she would like to have a few quilts made a bit longer.  Maybe if we just add another row or two to our quilts that would work for them.  They certainly don’t need to be as long as a twin size quilt but a nice lap quilt for taller children would be fine.  Also, she told us they do not really need preemie sized quilts, they get a lot of them from other donators.  The other thing that she is in need of is bags to place hand casts in for the parents to take with them.  They make an imprint of the child that is not doing well and cast it for the parents as a keepsake 😦  She would like for them to be made out of some richly colored fabric maybe like velvet, with a drawstring.  If anyone has suggestions please let me know.  The dimensions for these are approximately 10 x 12.  I will do a few and send to her for her approval.  Then I will get a pattern made up to give to all.

This Thursday my son Jason and I met at Cindy Malloy’s house for another delivery of her mothers sewing and craft items.  Thank you Cindy!!!!!  She loaded us up with more fabric, sewing threads, quilting hoops, ribbons, fleece, flannel and lots of more goodies.  If you have some time, please come on over and check it out.  I am sure there is something here that you could use for either our quilts or craft items that we will be selling in the future to raise money.

Now that summer is here I know that everyone is busy with parties (I am available), picnics, yard work, vacation, etc….but we will still be at the library every third Saturday of the month.  The next workshop is on June 19th starting at 10:00.  If you cannot come and have finished quilts or need more kits, please just give me a call or email me and I will make sure you receive what you need.

We have now donated 93 quilts so far this year.  We have another 7 months to go….Lets make a goal on the number that we donate for the rest of the year.  What are your thoughts?  200, 250, 300 for the year?  At our next meeting we can discuss this.

I want to formally introduce our newest members;  Amanda Runk,  Demi Fair the library’s director,  Doris Holley and Agnes Blevins.  Welcome to our group!

Remember that if you know of someone who wants to dabble in the world of quilting, bring them along to our meeting or have them get in touch with me.

As always, I have "lots and lots" of fabric for your use.  If you need fabric, please, please, please, call me and I will make sure you get some.  Or better yet, come and check out what we have here for your use.

I will be researching new ways to receive donations.  The Quilts for Kids Yahoo Group has tons of ideas that I would like to try.  One of the ways is just to put a Donation Jar at your dentist, doctor, hairdresser, etc.  If anyone feels comfortable enough with doing this, please let me know and I will supply the jar and label.  Also we can put out pamphlets at these types of businesses to incite interest and donations.

I want to thank everyone involved who has made this Chapter such a success so far.  It is a wonderful group of people and a great time each and every time we get together.  Thank you!!!!


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