Hershey Childrens Medical Center


                                                         ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DAY

Today Tricia and I made the drive up to Hersheys Children Medical Center to deliver all the quilts that eveyone has made!

We were warmly welcomed by Carol Fees, the Childlife Specialties Counselor.  She was very grateful for our donation.  She was very interested in the hospital saddle bags that we delivered and also the smaller bags for the children.  Apparently, they do not have anything like that for their patients.  Carol seems to think that the hospital saddle bags would be great for the parents when they are pushing their childs wheelchair around the hospital.  I am sure it would come in handy for their personal belonging.  I asked her to give us some suggestions after she talked to the other personnel, maybe we could make the bags to suit their needs more effectively.  I will let you know if there are any changes. 

Ms. Fees told us that they will hand out our quilts to the children tomorrow.  If we could make deliveries at least once every three months that would be wonderful.  There needs to be enough quilts for all the children at one time.  I let her know that we will keep them coming to her on a regular basis.  Apparently, there are no groups that donate to the Childrens Hospital on a regular time schedule.  We can be that group.  She told us that they get a package of quilts here and there from some organizations, but none that are strictly working for their patients.  Hershey is only one hour from us and a great hospital and I believe that we should keep them in quilts at all times.  The only time that they really would not need them is around the Christmas holidays.  There are alot of people that donate at that time and we won’t need to deliver any then.  The rest of the year is when we are needed! 

I am so excited to let you know that as of today we delivered 45 quilts along with the hospital saddle bags and smaller bags to use for their monitors.

Tricia was kind enough to take pictures today.  Check them out.  Thanks, See you on Saturday!





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  1. Well…I am not sure if this is going to work or not…I am new at the blogging thing….so who knows how many times this message will show up….but here goes….I had a awesome time yesterday taking the quilts to Hershey!!! It makes your heart feel so good to be part of something so wonderful! I just want to add….WE DID IT!!!! ALL OF US!!!! We have such a great group of ladies that are just so awesome! I mean….45 quilts!!! WE ALL DID IT!!!! Such a great cause! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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